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It all started when...

Janet Batch began as a snippet in a dream long ago.  Slowly she emerged into real life and hasn't slipped away.

Late summer 2013 some friends sat around a campfire enjoying drinks, laughs and some good times.  Soon the guitars came out and tunes were shared.  Janet Batch kind of showed up out of nowhere and tentatively began sharing songs written over the past year or two with more established musicians.  In the campfire circle was singer-songwriter Jen Cork (formerly of Sundown Sally and The Black Walnut Band) and Trevor Thorpe, soon to be head dude of local reggae band Big Upstate.  Soon, Janet (vocals, guitar), Jen (lead guitar, vocals) and Trevor (bass, vocals) began a band called Eleven Maples.  A year later with the addition of a fourth member, Matt Cowan (drums), the band evolved into simply Janet Batch. 

Janet Batch has been dubbed "The Voice of the Hills" in some circles.  Her voice sweeps in through the valleys.  Her lyrics are the unapologetic poetry of rural living and day dreaming.  The lending of Jen Cork's sweet smokey harmonies and lead instrumentals has created a rare breed of folk, country and soul.